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Position Summary

Latinas Contra Cancer, located in San Jose, CA, is a health justice organization working to build the power of patients to make demands of health and hospital delivery systems and to launch and win health related campaigns. The Lead Community Organizer and Campaigner at LCC will lead the organization’s grassroots organizing strategy, lead the organizing team, and drive forward the current Patient Bill of Rights Campaign.

The ideal Lead Community Organizer and Campaigner will possess a strong commitment to health justice, is passionate about the rights of patients and excited about developing the leadership capacity and grassroots activism of patient populations to launch and win patient-led health justice campaigns. This role entails directing the organizing team, developing and executing organizing campaigns, building a base of patient leaders, conducting training sessions and facilitating organizing and campaign meetings while fostering mutual aid and community building among our members.

The Lead Organizer and Campaigner will expand, execute, and monitor efforts to develop the skills, consciousness, and involvement of grassroots patient leaders, support building the political consciousness of potential allies, and create a culture of organizing and transformation across agency programs. The Lead Organizer will be instrumental in planning and implementing policy campaign activities to exercise grassroots power and will support the establishment of a sustainable, patient-led organization.

Additionally, this position will act as a bridge between internal programs, patient leaders, and community collaborators.

Health care is a human right.

We understand that the issues that arise from a broken health system affect the Latino/x/é and other underrepresented patient populations the hardest. These injustices are predictable and preventable. The health injustices patients experience are not one-off events. We want to be an organization that not only supports patients to overcome these inequities – we want to hold space for the leadership of impacted patients to eliminate them through power building and systems change.

A qualified candidate should be equally committed to a vision for healthcare and health justice for all.

Description of Duties

Campaign Development & Implementation

  • Collaboratively engage in campaign development and facilitate partner and member involvement in campaigns, including the ongoing Patient Bill of Rights Campaign at LCC.
  • Contribute to the overall formulation of campaign strategy and tactics, drawing on expertise and insights acquired through experience, field assessments with a particular focus on the Patient Bill of Rights
  • Actively participate in strategy sessions with committee members, community members, and staff to inform the direction of the current
  • Foster effective collaboration within coalitions, nurturing relationships with partners to drive forward the goals of LCC campaigns and ensure success through coordinated efforts with internal and external
  • Collaborate with members to identify policy issues integral to the campaigns and grassroots efforts essential for affecting material conditions for patients in health and healthcare.
  • Train and position leaders to spearhead campaigns, equipping them to address intersectional issues and adhere to anti-racism and anti-oppression principles.
    • Provide support in conducting issue research and
    • Offer training and mentorship to patient leaders, guiding their interactions with policymakers, development of press materials, and establishment of media relationships.
    • Coordinate activities and mobilization strategies geared toward public participation in policy hearings, actions, and discussions.
    • Assist leaders in developing organizing materials tailored including talking points, marketing collateral, flyers, and fact sheets

Base building

  • Recruits patient leaders and patient activists through personal visits, social service agency outreach, hospital and clinic outreach, internal program outreach, house meetings, and phoning.
  • Plans and coordinates outreach and organizing meetings in order to build an effective, ongoing organization and to promote participation and leadership of grassroots members and allies.
  • Develops and maintains outreach and organizing plans, work plans, campaign plans, leadership development plans, communications systems and databases to track leadership development.
  • Works with staff, managers and leaders for basebuilding, 1:1s, and campaign development Training and Facilitation
  • Collaborates with teammates and leaders to plan and execute an ongoing organizing curriculum joining hard organizing skills with advanced political analysis and an anti-racism and anti-oppression
    • Trains leaders on a variety of core organizing skills including: member recruitment, facilitation and public speaking, planning, issue analysis, campaign strategy and tactics, advocacy, and organizational
    • Develops and implements leadership training on social change theory, power analysis, worldview analysis, ideology and organizing
  • Supports the transition of Defensoras graduates into the organizing program at Latinas Contra

(Defensoras: Healthcare Advocate Training | Latinas Contra Cancer | San Jose)

Collaboration and Partnership

  • Work with LCC Executive Director and Director of Programs to set appropriate roles and participation with regional
  • Serve as liaison with local and regional health justice advocacy
  • Identify and build collaborations with key community


  • Support the planning and implementation of programs, events, training, and outreach
  • Perform other duties as

Desired Qualifications and Experience

  • 3-4 years of experience in community organizing, campaign strategy, and direct-action, (this experience does not need to be in the area of health)
  • 1-2 years of experience in leading and training team and community members with a proven ability to inspire
  • Demonstrated proficiency in grassroots leadership development programs, including curriculum development, training, and performance tracking
  • Fluent in Spanish, both orally and in writing, with adept translation and interpretation
  • Proven track record of collaborative
  • Exceptional skills in planning and facilitating
  • Proficient in verbal, written, and presentation
  • Detail oriented, self-driven, ability to multitask, prompt in responses, highly organized, and possessing solid decision-making abilities.
  • Proficiency in computer operations, including web-based communications, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Experience with Salesforce appreciated.
  • Strong dedication to organizing through leadership development and an anti-oppression
  • Firm commitment to LCC’s vision of ensuring equitable access to quality health and healthcare for all individuals, irrespective of race, ethnicity, language, income, or documentation status.

To apply, please submit your resume along with a cover letter detailing your interest in joining LCC, to Melissa Gonzalez, Director of Programs and Impact at:

To apply for this job email your details to