Movement Talent’s Linda Nguyen was excited to sit down for a virtual chat with Nick Sanchez to discuss prioritizing mental health in the workplace and why letting great employees leave can actually be a good thing.

After the interview, Nick shared a bit more: “I have some good news for you. I’m here to tell you that the work you are doing now – even if it’s something you really enjoy – probably isn’t the thing you will always be doing. And that’s totally okay.

In fact, it’s great. I know this because I recently sat down with Linda to talk about my own career journey from the private sector to the movement space and now to a future built upon my recent graduate studies in psychology.

As the person in charge of Organizational Development and Talent at MoveOn – my most recent staff position – I was responsible for finding and retaining talent in a sector that often doesn’t encourage professional development and career mobility. In my conversation with Linda, I share how I learned to support employee’s goals beyond their current job descriptions, whether that meant doing something else at MoveOn, or leaving to go to another organization altogether.

I believe that in the movement space, especially, we need to be better at letting our talented team members flourish wherever they can be the most effective. However, that’s often easier to say in theory than to practice in reality. Linda and I discuss this more at length in our conversation. I invite you to watch the video here.

Whether you’re seeking more professional support at your current position, or already looking for the next opportunity, I wish you success as you continue to learn and grow along the journey. Here’s to new adventures.”

Thank you, Nick, for sharing your experiences and insights!