Think career coaching isn’t for you?  Think again.

The reality is that just about anybody can benefit from coaching, especially mid-career professionals and those at a pivot point in their career aspirations.  How can you make the most of your coaching experience?  Movement Talent has some tips:

  • Finding the right coach is an intensive process and being in alignment is crucial. That’s why we provide individualized matching services for candidates.
  • Expect to engage with your coach over six to eight sessions.  It’ll take some time for them to get to know you in order to provide the most value.
  • Be ready to answer some tough questions.  For example, What do you think is stopping you from going for your goal?

Movement Talent works with coaches who specialize in supporting movement professionals.  We do this because the movement space is unique in many ways, and we want our applicants to not only meet the requirements that the space demands, but to make your candidacy shine.

Movement Talent works with some of the movement’s best trainers and coaches, who can help prepare you in clarifying your personal vision and aspirations, enter a new movement space, make a transition, and/or supplement your onboarding. When you express interest via our Common Application, we’ll identify what, if any, coaching and training is recommended.

Tools and Resources

Isra Pananon arrived at her work in racial and reproductive justice after time spent working both outside and inside government on issues of environmental justice. Making the transition to an adjacent movement required transferring her skills and leveraging her previous experiences.

Isra recently joined Movement Talent’s Linda Nguyen for a candid conversation about the challenges and opportunities as she transitions to her role as the Chief of Staff at National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. View the video to learn more about Isra’s journey.

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Kudaja Navarrete‘s career trajectory is not what you’d expect.  She was a successful retail manager juggling work and school, but she eventually dropped out of college to focus on pursuing upper management.

Ultimately, it was the skills that Kudaja honed as a manager – and not what she acquired in a classroom – that helped land her a dream position as Operations Manager at Detroit Action. Her “non-traditional” background meant she had a diverse skillset and fresh perspective that Detroit Action knew it needed. View her video to learn more about Kudaja’s journey!

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