When you express interest in organizations through Movement Talent, we will screen your application and identify what, if any, coaching and training we would recommend. We do this because the movement space is unique in many ways, and we want our applicants to not only meet the requirements that the space demands, but to make your candidacy shine.

We work with some of the movement’s best trainers and coaches, who can help prepare you in clarifying your personal vision and aspirations, enter a new movement space, make a transition, and/or supplement your onboarding.

Organizing 101 Reading List

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Movement Career Stories

Kudaja Navarrete‘s career trajectory is not what you’d expect.  She was a successful retail manager juggling work and school, but she eventually dropped out of college to focus on pursuing upper management.

Ultimately, it was the skills that Kudaja honed as a manager – and not what she acquired in a classroom – that helped land her a dream position as Operations Manager at Detroit Action. Initially, Kudaja was unsure she has the right qualifications for the job, particularly because she didn’t have a college degree.

However, Kudaja‘s years moving up the ranks in retail management meant that she could take in new information quickly, analyze it, and act on it.  Her “non-traditional” background meant she had a diverse skillset and fresh perspective that Detroit Action knew it needed.

“It’s my way of paying it forward.” Gregory Cendana shares the experiences that led him to pursue movement work, from his childhood to his time understanding the impact of affirmative action at UCLA. He describes the importance of being a lifelong student as the nature of activism work shifts over time.

Greg emphasizes the need to learn from past events and those with experience. His work is grounded in identifying the root causes of inequality and recognizing the interconnected nature of movement work. He passes on advice to those who are interested in movement work, including a reminder to create space for joy and healing.