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“Fall” for the Interview Process

We’ll Make Sure You Don’t “Leaf” Anything Out Congrats! You just heard back from a recruiter, HR member, or hiring manager that you’re being invited to a call to discuss a position you’ve applied for. Your resume stood out from the rest, and you’re excited to move forward with the process.  And then…the panic sets in. Okay, “panic” might be a strong word, but for many of us, that first conversation with a potential future employer can be at least mildly stressful.  That’s why today we’re going to break down the two types of initial calls or meetings [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview

By: Chiyomi McKibbin Whether you’ve identified what you want to pursue as your next opportunity, or you are still trying to narrow down what’s next, we suggest asking people, who have a job title or career path that you’re seeking, to engage in a short “informational interview.”  An informational interview is basically just a conversation. It’s a low-pressure way for you to ask questions about what they do, what aspects of their job they like, some of the things they wish they didn’t have to do, and how they got to where they are. Particularly when you’re in the [...]

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What to Look for When You’re Looking at Job Descriptions

We’re always excited to share new job openings in the movement space on our Opportunity Board.  Our curated collection of listings come from a broad collection of organizations across the country and reflect the diversity of the sector.  When we were first getting started, we only listed opportunities that we knew about directly, but as Movement Talent has grown, so has the interest in our Opportunity Board.  In order to help organizations understand if their positions are a fit for our audiences, we created a comprehensive set of submission guidelines. Among other features, jobs submitted for consideration must [...]

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Making the Most of Networking and Job Boards

Author: Chiyomi McKibbin Featured image: fragments frozen, Nicole Czapinski Let's talk about two aspects of the job search process that can feel completely daunting to navigate: networking and job boards. The term "networking" may seem corporate, but the act of engaging with others is incredibly valuable as you start to explore other opportunities and options. For the sake of this post, let’s change that phrase to “relationship building."  Building new, and strengthening existing, relationships is essential to overall career growth, and especially crucial when you're looking to make a move.  When I started realizing that I [...]

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Movement Talent Interviews Nick Sanchez

Movement Talent's Linda Nguyen was excited to sit down for a virtual chat with Nick Sanchez to discuss prioritizing mental health in the workplace and why letting great employees leave can actually be a good thing. After the interview, Nick shared a bit more: "I have some good news for you. I'm here to tell you that the work you are doing now - even if it's something you really enjoy - probably isn't the thing you will always be doing. And that's totally okay. In fact, it's great. I know this because I recently sat down with Linda to [...]

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